Tips For Breaking Up With Your Landlord When Moving

If you’ve been renting an apartment for a while but are ready to move to a house, you may be worried about how you will tell your landlord that you’re leaving. Check out these tips to make the breakup go as smoothly as possible. Overall, it’s best to wait till your lease ends, as you’ve […]


Helping You Decide: Should You Move to San Francisco?

If you’re considering a more to San Francisco, you’re in for a real treat. Sure, the housing market is out of control and the cost of living is high, but at its heart, San Fran brings far more benefits to residents than not. It’s now home to 875,000. But between 2010 and 2017, the population […]


Checklist for Moving to Mill Valley

Is a move to Mill Valley on your radar? You’re in luck. Here at Dependable Movers, we specialize in moves to and from this small Marin County city, home to 14,000. It’s just 14 miles from San Francisco and 52 miles from Napa Valley, situated on the shores of scenic Richardson Bay. No wonder so […]


Why Move to San Francisco? A New Life in The City by the Bay

Why You Should Consider Living in San Francisco San Fransisco is a vibrant, multicultural, and dynamic city. It’s a place so filled with energy and life that there’s never a dull moment—and always a new surprise around every corner. This is probably why so many people make the decision to move to San Francisco. For […]


What Are Some Red Flags With Long-Distance Movers?

When facing an upcoming residential move in the San Francisco area, this can certainly be an exciting yet overwhelming time. Embarking on this journey can be a wild ride, especially if you are moving over a long distance. With this type of move, there are many moving parts, with many things that can go wrong. […]


How to Find Dependable Relocation Services

About 10% of Americans move every year. If you’re planning on making a move this year, it helps to get organized. You’ll need to pack, donate unwanted belongings, and of course, research relocation services. Don’t hire the first relocation services company you find online, though. Instead, use these tips to find dependable movers in your area. With […]


What to Know Before Moving to Sausalito

Contemplating a move to Sausalito CA? A decision of this magnitude shouldn’t be made without thorough research first. Arm yourself with all the information you will need for a smooth relocation to this city of 7,100. The other good thing you can do before a Sausalito move is to hire residential movers you trust to […]


Safety Must-Haves For Every Move

Everyone knows moving is stressful. But did you know it can also be very dangerous? It’s true. It’s time consuming, back breaking and exhausting work, thanks to all that heavy lifting and other factors that can pave the way for injuries if you aren’t careful. Sharp knives, awkward sectionals, heavy pianos…these can all pose a […]


Moving to San Francisco: Before, During and After

Moving to a new city, especially a big one like San Francisco, can be very overwhelming. Knowing what to expect before, during and after the move can be very helpful. Another big help? Hiring movers skilled in San Francisco moves, as they know this area inside and out and can get you moved in quickly […]


Downsizing Tips For Seniors

It can be emotional and overwhelming for seniors to make the decision to downsize and move into an assisted living facility, condo or other smaller unit. Many of them have spent their whole adult lives in their home, got married there, had children there and created many happy memories. The decision to downsize may be […]