San Francisco Bay Area Moving FAQs

Walking You Through the Process

How much do movers cost in San Francisco?

Everyone’s final cost is different. That’s because there are many factors that come into play, such as whether you’re moving locally or over a long distance and what services you require (packing, storage, etc.). The average cost of a basic local move in San Francisco for a studio apartment is about $400, while a two-bedroom home move will cost you about $848; a five+ bedroom will cost you upwards of $2400. Your move will cost more if you’re planning to relocate in the peak season vs. the off season. In general, the price tag you pay will depend on how much stuff you need to move, over how long.

Where should I move in San Francisco?

There are many desirable neighborhoods to choose in the San Francisco Bay area. However, the one you settle on will depend on many factors, such as proximity to your job, your salary, your lifestyle, your preferences, your employment status and whether you have children or not.

In San Francisco, there are several areas you may consider living in, many of which are located in the inner circle of San Francisco suburbs – an ideal situation if you want to be close to the center of the city or on the bay.

What is a good livable salary in San Francisco?

A monthly income of $5,000 will put you in an average apartment and meet basic expenses each month, generally amounting to about $60,000 per year. Keep in mind that San Francisco has one of the highest costs of living in the country, with the average rent in San Francisco for a one-bedroom apartment being $3,500 a month. The average salary to live comfortably in this area is nearly $100,000 for households, with the median income being $96,265 for couples and $74,841 for individuals.

What are the richest parts of San Francisco?

The richest tend to be those communities on the Peninsula, where housing costs are among the area’s highest. The Bay area’s wealthiest neighborhoods include Atherton, Moss Beach, Alamo, Los Altos, Danville, Los Gatos, Orinda, San Jose, and Fremont.

What is the most affordable city to live in San Francisco?

Vallejo is considered the cheapest city to live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Walnut Creek, Oakland and Hayward are also considered to be more on the affordable side.

Is San Francisco better than other cities to move to?

No one can tell you this answer with any certainty. But because we live and work here, we know a thing or two about what it’s like. San Francisco is an awesome place to live. It’s got scenic beaches, zoos, museums and amazing green spaces. But it’s also very expensive to live here. In fact, the cost of living here is about 270, compared with 150 for the rest of the state and 100 with the rest of the country.

With that being said, the San Francisco Bay area is one of the most iconic and scenic places to live in the state. The best way to see if you should move here is to just do it!

What other cities do people commonly move from to San Francisco?

Most people coming to San Francisco already live somewhere else in California, such as LA. But after that, the highest influx comes from New York, Massachusetts, Illinois, Florida, Washington, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania and Washington DC.

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