Every city has its own distinct atmosphere and culture, and in the digital age, you can go online and read all about a city before you move there—just to make sure the vibe is something you think you’d like. If you’re thinking of moving to Berkeley, the Californian city is well-known in the Bay Area as an academic, eco-friendly city.

Here are 5 things you should know about your potential new home:

Berkeley is a Healthy Town

Berkeley residents are known for being health-conscious. Because Berkeley is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country, you’ll see many residents opting to bike to work rather than drive. Also, many of your friends and neighbors may hit up the flat Bay Trail or the slopes of Berkeley Hills on weekends. Berkeley takes nutrition seriously as well, having imposed a tax of 1 cent-per-ounce on sugary sodas in order to reduce health issues among children.

There Are Tons of Bookstores

If you’re an avid reader, you’ll be glad to know that Berkeley is home to numerous independent bookstores. Not only are bookstores a great place to find a community and make new friends, but most of Berkeley’s bookstores are mom-and-pop shops, so you’d also be supporting small, local businesses. Open since 1851, Books Inc. is the oldest independent bookstore on the West Coast, and it’s still in business today at its Berkeley location.

You’ll Become a Bears Fan

The presence of the University of California, Berkeley, has really made an imprint on the city’s culture. Largely because of the university, there are many knowledgeable and highly educated people in Berkeley, so you’ll find yourself constantly learning new things by osmosis just being around smart individuals. If you visit a UC Berkeley parking lot, you might even spot signs for parking spaces that are “reserved for Nobel Laureates at all times.” The school does boast several, after all. Living in Berkeley, you’ll also likely become a fan of the California Golden Bears, the university’s football team. On game days, you’ll want to throw on your blue-and-gold sweatshirt and hit up a sports bar to cheer on the home team.

Berkeley is Eco-Conscious

As a Berkeley resident, you’ll want to get used to separating your paper and plastic. The San Francisco Bay Area is highly eco-conscious, and many of its cities are among the first in the state to pass certain environmental initiatives. Berkeley, like the rest of the state, bans giving customers single-use plastic bags at checkout, so you’ll want to stock up on some reusable bags for grocery trips. Berkeley-based companies are also making an impact with the construction of tiny homes that are more environmentally friendly and more affordable than traditional homes, as Berkeleyside reports.

You’re Bound to Find a Neighborhood You Love

Like most major cities in the Bay Area, Berkeley is divided into many different neighborhoods, each one with its own unique atmosphere. Downtown Berkeley is the student-driven side of town, with many college students and university employees choosing to live in this distinctly youthful and academic community. Those looking for a swankier, more upscale neighborhood may want to opt for Berkeley Hills. On the other end of the spectrum, South Berkeley has a more affordable price tag on homes, while still remaining close to the action. If a small-town vibe is what you’re after, you’ll likely find that in the Elmwood neighborhood. Try visiting the different neighborhoods to find what works best for you.