Important Tips for Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic made certain adjustments to the usual lifestyle of each of us. Now we are less likely to go outside, have less contact with people and communicate with friends on Skype only. How did the pandemic affect the business? Of course, most companies transferred employees to a remote mode of operation. And part of the business, unfortunately, was closed due to the inability to exist in current conditions.

Of course, now it is not the easiest time. But this is not a reason to stop planning and building your future. What to do if you need to move soon? This is not a problem with our company! Moving during a pandemic will not be a risky event for you when you turn to professional movers.

On the one hand, COVID-19 becomes a small obstacle and makes you worry more than usual. And on the other hand, for our team this is an occasion to take care of our employees and clients even more. Be sure that experts do everything possible to make the move as safe as possible for your family.

By the way, for sure your first thought to turn to friends for help. After all, they will immediately help and will not refuse your support when moving. But just look at this mountain of things! Furniture, appliances, clothes, household items. The list can be listed indefinitely. Do you want to distract your friends from business and call for help? Sometimes it’s hard for people to find a day off in their schedule, even when they want to be of service to you. In addition, during the quarantine period, it is better to reduce personal contacts for security purposes.

What to do in such a situation? Fortunately, there is a way! Dependable Movers are your best moving assistants. 

Let your mover know right away if you or anyone in your family is experiencing coronavirus symptoms

The Coronavirus pandemic gives you the understanding that you need to take care of your health and the health of loved ones first. To avoid the disease, follow the rules of personal hygiene and all the recommendations of doctors.

First, wash your hands with soap more often. Especially when you come from a store or dog walking. Besides, while outdoors, do not touch your face with your hands after contact with objects and surfaces. For example, the door handles elevator buttons, carts in supermarkets. Secondly, try to keep the social distance on the street. The recommended distance for different sources is 1.5 or 2 meters. Keep your distance in line at the post office, store, or bank. And of course, minimize social contacts.

Our company always treats both movers and customers with care and attention especially during the coronavirus pandemic. Please make sure that you and all family members are healthy before ordering the service. If you or someone in your family has symptoms of coronavirus, then let us know. In this case, we can take special measures to ensure that the move is safe for all participants.

Besides, in some cases, we recommend moving the order or canceling it. This decision will be the most correct to minimize the risks of infection of movers. In any case, our company will make the move comfortable even in difficult current conditions. Trusting us, you can be calm about the quality of service, its reliability, and safety.

Specialized steps and precautions allow you to move without any problems. And Dependable Movers’ professional support will ensure the reliability and quality of services for your family.

Provide hygiene products

The pandemic has not yet ended and the city is in quarantine mode. Therefore, when ordering any services, including our moving company, you need to remember the rules of hygiene. After all, moving involves physical work, contact with household items, boxes, tools. Microbes and bacteria can be on any surfaces and objects. So it is very important to pay attention to cleanliness and normal hygiene measures.

 Surely, you will want to do some part of the work yourself. In any case, the whole family will sort things out and think about how it is better to put everything in boxes. That is, you will inevitably be in contact with dust and dusty objects. At this stage, we recommend that you ventilate the room more often so that you breathe fresh air. This is especially important if there are people with allergies in your family. As for hygiene products, an excellent solution would be to buy dry and wet wipes with antibacterial effect. Use them to wipe equipment, tools, and things. They can also be used to wipe boxes and other packaging materials.

All moving services San Francisco, as well as our company, use personal protective equipment when working with cargo. Our experts work in special masks and disposable gloves. Thus, there is no danger to you and your family. We have thought through every step to be useful to you every day. Therefore, regardless of the complexity of the order, you can count on the professional support of Dependable Movers.

Don’t use free or recycled moving boxes

As in any business, when moving, it is important to pay attention to the details. For example, the choice of the packaging material is of great importance. As in every family, most likely you did not have boxes from old appliances or furniture. Because after large purchases, many throw them away, because they take up a lot of space, and in general they will not be useful. But during the move, they would be just in place. Where then to find suitable boxes for packing things?

First, remember that the coronavirus pandemic is coming. So asking for boxes from friends and acquaintances is not the best solution. In addition, you do not need to ask for free boxes in supermarkets or large stores. Because you do not know how many people and how they touched, they used these boxes. And the virus remains on the surface for 3 hours. To protect yourself and your family from the danger of catching the virus, contact professional movers for help.

Our company will help you out and provide the best boxes for packaging. We disinfect all materials with special means. Therefore, you have no reason to fear for your health. After all, our task is to provide not only high-quality service but also to take care of the health and comfort of all family members. With us, you will feel in good hands!

If you’re in a high-risk group, cancel your move if possible

It is no secret that everyone is worried about themselves and their loved ones. Especially when your family has older people, pregnant women, or small children. Should you move during the coronavirus pandemic? To do this, you need to understand whether you belong to a high-risk group or not. First of all, you are at high risk if you have serious chronic illnesses (including heart and respiratory diseases). Elderly people over 65, as well as people of all ages with weak immunity, are uniquely at risk.

If your family has any of the above categories, please cancel your order. In this case, it is better to postpone the move to another time when the situation with the virus is stabilized and the pandemic ends. The company team sincerely cares about you and worries about each client.

Therefore, it is better to contact us for help in moving later than to do it now with the danger of getting sick. As soon as the pandemic is over, our team will come to you on the first call!

If you have to cancel your moving services, do so earlier rather than later

If you decide to cancel the move due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, it is best to do so in advance. If you have the opportunity to notify a team of loaders in advance, then this will allow us not to lose time and help other people. Due to the busy schedule of movers, some customers cannot immediately book for the required date. Perhaps it would be your order time that would be welcome for one of the families. In any case, early cancellation of the service may allow other people to receive the service.

Our mission is to help all customers by providing the best moving service. Therefore, we will be glad to meet with your understanding to inform the loaders about the cancellation not on the eve of their departure, but a few days or a week before the planned date.

If traveling for your move, plan accordingly

Responsibility and professional approach to business are the main qualities of the specialists in our company. Therefore, we want you to also be serious about choosing an assistant among moving companies and arranging relocation.

If you have to move from another city to San Francisco, plan your move wisely. In the end, there may be more difficulties than moving from a neighboring house or area near new housing. That means you will need a little more time and resources to complete the process.

In any case, our team is always ready to support you! Therefore, call or write to us when you need the best service for a family move.

Book and pay for Moving during the Coronavirus Pandemic online on our website

Our very site is easy to use! Therefore, you can choose the right service and place an order online. If you have questions when choosing a service, write to an expert. He will help you choose the right option. 

We are confident that the coronavirus pandemic will soon decline. In the meantime, in this situation, we will continue to delight you with quality service with safety precautions. Stay healthy and securely relocate with professional help from Dependable Movers.



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