What is the Safe Movers & Delivery Services by Dependable Movers

The safe movers are highly qualified specialists. To find such experts who understand the intricacies of a particular service is quite difficult. Even though the choice of companies in the market is very large. Fortunately, you are lucky because Dependable Movers has everything for timely assistance in moving! We transport safes in Bay Area of San Francisco. Therefore, if you are in search of a suitable company, then make the right choice.

For more than 7 years, our company has been showing in practice its professionalism and expertise in a variety of issues. Since we are one of the best providers of moving services, we are constantly working on the quality of our services. Our team is proud of its history and rich experience. The high qualification of each employee makes our company an indispensable assistant to save moving.

Using safes is a common practice. Almost every office and apartment has a special place for storing valuables and important documents. In any case, safe ensures the safety and security of all things. What if you need to move the safe to another room or deliver it to a new office on the other side of the city? We recommend you do not tackle this problem yourself. Because working with safes requires special skills.

Our professional team will do this job perfectly. Because specialists have the necessary set of skills to implement effective solutions. Call us for advice before ordering. We will find out your needs and try to provide the best service as soon as possible! The result of the work is very important for us, so we always think through every step.
Next, we will tell you what types of work with safes the company carries out and what you need to know before placing an order.

Our Services

Safes are used as a reliable and convenient way to store money, securities, documents, and jewelry. However, this secure storage has one significant minus. This is very inconvenient and difficult transportation. Why are safes so heavy then? First of all, manufacturers think about the safety of your values. Therefore, safes weigh a lot so that attackers cannot steal a safe.

Besides, safes are usually located in inaccessible places. For example, in the corner of the room, in the basements, or at all, experts mount them on the wall. For operation, these are excellent solutions. But for loaders, this adds to the complexity of the work.

The safe movers work in different directions. It all depends on your request and needs. Our team will arrive on time to provide professional assistance. What opportunities does the company have when working with safes?

  • Installation of safes
  • Delivery of safes
  • Fastening of safes
  • Removal of bank safes and other types of equipment
  • Specific types of work upon your request from Dependable Movers

In any case, we take an individual approach. Therefore, if you did not see the necessary service in the list, then this does not matter. We have listed only the basic kinds of the service and are ready to help with your specific question. Our experts are always friendly and open to communication. So you can write to one of them and find out everything that excites you on the topic of moving.

Types of safes we move

When might you need the help of the safe movers? First of all, if you need to move the safe from one room to another or simply move the safe in one room. As a rule, safes are heavy and without special training, you will not move them. Therefore, it is always better to hire specialists who will do the job professionally and safely.

Safes can be different:

  • Fire safes
  • Deposit safes
  • Gun safes
  • Cash safes
  • Jewelry safes
  • Office safes
  • Modular safes and others

When working with each type of safe you need to be very careful. Sometimes they are so heavy and large that specialists have to use technical equipment. For example, trolleys, cranes, and hoists of various kinds. The right choice of tools and equipment allows our team to move safes quickly enough and without unnecessary physical work. Besides, loaders have their authoring techniques that make all stages of movement more optimized.

As a rule, 2 or 4 specialists will be sufficient for all stages of work. However, there are special situations when the number of movers has to be increased.

Remember that independent attempts to move safes can lead to big mistakes. Therefore, do not waste your time and hire qualified helpers. In the end, it is much safer and more reliable than taking risks and starting work without preparation and experience.

The Safe Movers & Delivery Services: We remove bank safes and safe deposit box nests from banks that have closed

Let’s look at the separate direction of the safe movers. Very often, the help of a team of experts is required by banks or cash registers. Such storage can be either small or very large. As you know, in the second case, the work is a little complicated. It is necessary to use special lifts and several other auxiliary tools.

Fortunately, Dependable Movers are true professionals! Our long-term service practice gives us high results in work today. Therefore, you can entrust us with work with valuable things and places of their storage.

In addition to moving large-sized bank safes, we also help transport safe nests and night depositories. You will always receive Delivery Services on time. In any case, you will have a personal assistant who will help you in any matter. Our company makes sure that you are 100% satisfied with the quality of service.

How Do We Move Safes?

After the first call, the safe movers understand how to properly build the progress of work. To begin with, specialists need to evaluate the amount of work. At a minimum, loaders should have information about the dimensions of the safe. It will also be great if you tell me on which floor it stands, whether there are an elevator and stairs in the building. This will help specialists quickly choose tools and suitable equipment.

Already in place, the team begins the main work. If the object is heavy and large, then we use safe equipment. It is worth adding that a special technique allows you to make the process of moving automated and more reliable. For example, we use cranes, hooks, and cables. Of course, we make sure that the work is done accurately. Specialists act with extreme caution so as not to damage the internal and external mechanisms of the safe.

It is worth noting that not every company is ready to take up the transportation of safes. Because it is very responsible and specific. Besides, not all companies have special equipment to provide such a service. But Dependable Movers have every opportunity to transport even the heaviest safes. By the way, their weight can reach 500 kilograms or more.

So if you need help, we are open for you!

Have A Safe You Just Want Hauled Off?

In practice, the safe movers there are times when we can pick up an unnecessary safe for free. We do this when we can benefit. For example, disassemble the safe and take the necessary details for work. And also movers can pick up the safe, which is subject to further restoration. We recommend that you call us and discuss this issue in more detail. Then we will be able to quickly orient you in this situation.

If you want to get rid of the safe and get free removal of the object from our company, then call us first. We will ask you about the characteristics of the safe, its general condition after the operation, and conclude further work.

Is My Safe Too Heavy for You to Move?

For some moving services San Francisco, this aspect can really be a big problem. But not for us. In general, there are no restrictions on the weight of the safe. We already have experience moving safes weighing more than 8,000 pounds from this building to another. Also, experts worked with very heavy safes (over 11,000 pounds) to move from one part of the building to another. Be sure that you will not have a problem on this issue.

Can You Move Safes Up Or Down Stairs?

As soon as the safe movers arrive, they evaluate the work plan. First of all, experts will see if it is possible to move the safe up the stairs. Because it can be dangerous. In addition, sometimes the stairwells are too narrow and we can damage walls or handrails. Sometimes you need to measure the thickness of the walls and doorways to assess the possibility of one of the options for moving. If the loaders find this method safe, then they will move the safe along the steps without special equipment.

As you can see, each situation requires an individual approach. Therefore, Dependable Movers examine your needs in detail before making a decision. Such a high level of professionalism helps us to do our job at 100% quality. Trust us and do not worry about the safe movement of the safe. It will be provided at the maximum level.

Do You Damage Floors While Moving Safes?

First of all, the safe movers care about the safety of your property. Therefore, working with safes is carried out as accurately as possible. No, during the work we will not scratch the floor. Because we have special aluminum plates, coating, and skids. You will not worry about a wooden, tiled, stone floor or any other. Thanks to the equipment, we will not have the risk of damaging the floor in any way.

We use a custom Safe Moving Trailer

The movers use a special trailer. This is the best equipment to transport large and especially heavy safes. Also, the trailer allows you to safely load and unload the object. Specialists always monitor the situation and successfully move safes weighing more than 400 kilograms. From the beginning to the end of loading, the safe remains upright. We tightly fix it to the jack to avoid slipping. With the help of tight belts, the safe remains in this position until we are confident in the completion of the movement process.

How Do I Arrange for Your Company to Move Safes?

To hire the safe movers, call us today. After the order, our experts will be able to quickly proceed with its implementation, if you do not have time to wait. In any case, it is best to plan the service order to give us more time to prepare. If the workload does not allow the team to come to you on the day of the call, then we will do it on the next available date.

Our experts use a flexible approach to work. Therefore, they can always adapt to your plans. Therefore, if something goes wrong, movers can always make adjustments and change the time and specifics of the order.

In addition, we have flexible pricing rates. So, we will be able to find a great option for you. Together with an affordable price, you will receive excellent service on time. We are also pleased not only to regular customers but also to new customers. We are ready to share experience and be useful when you need it!

What Areas Do You Provide Safe Moving Services?

For over 7 years we have been specializing in business in the Bay Area. Therefore, if geographically it suits you, call us. We will be happy to be of service and share the professional experience. Indeed, among all moving companies, we are one of the few that works with the transportation of safes. Some movers do not undertake such work since they do not have special equipment and tools. Besides, the transportation of safes is painstaking and responsible work. Therefore, only the best experts are engaged in this.

Dependable Movers take on the job of any complexity. You can count on getting brilliant service with a quality guarantee.

Here are some questions to prepare to answer when you call us about moving your safe

  • What day and time do you need to get a safe transportation service? Movers have a high load in high season. Therefore, call in advance.
  • What dimensions does the safe have? You can make accurate measurements or say the approximate parameters of the width, height, and weight.
  • Where is the safe located right now? (in the house, in the garage, in the basement, in the attic)
  • Is your safe attached to the floor or wall?
  • Does the safe have wheels on which it can be moved?
  • Is there a staircase or elevator in the house when the safe is on the upper floors?
  • Do you have the option to open a safe or not?
  • Where do you plan to move the safe? (to the garage, to the next room, to the truck, to the warehouse)
  • Is there a truck area near your home so the safe movers can load and unload?
  • Is the access road inclined or not? We need to know if there will be any difficulties to move the safe.

You will also help us organize the movement of the safe more efficiently if you send us a photograph of it. As a rule, this is enough to assess the volume and specifics of the work. It is worth noting that only in rare cases do experts travel personally to you to preview the safe. In any case, after a detailed consultation, we will make the right decision in your specific case. The contact number can be found on the main page of our site. We will always reply to you anytime.

The Safe Movers & Delivery Services: How to plan the move of your safe

To get service from Dependable Movers, we recommend that you follow a simple plan:

  • First, decide on a date to hire the safe movers. Since now is the high season, the schedule of specialists is very tight. Therefore, we advise you to choose a spare day that will also be suitable for you. This is necessary in case the originally selected date is already taken.
  • Call us in advance. To get the service on the right day, you should book a time at least a few weeks in advance.
  • Determine the dimensions of the safe. Experts will need this information to roughly understand what they will have to work with.
  • It will be great if you know the brand of the safe. You can recognize it by the inscription on the outside or inside the safe, as well as on its details. The name of the manufacturer’s company gives a lot to understand the characteristics of the safe.
  • Tell a specialist where to transport the safe. This factor affects the pricing of the order.
  • Inform us if you already have experience moving this safe. These details will be useful for the work of movers.
    We guarantee the timely help of the safe movers at a reasonable price. We always have favorable rates and special offers. Order qualified help from Dependable Movers and be sure of the excellent quality of service!



Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our website. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask. We know moving can be stressful that is why we are here for you.

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