COVID-19 in San Francisco: How to Organize Commercial Moving

COVID-19 in San Francisco has become a big stress for many people. In many US states, the state has taken restrictive measures, and San Francisco is no exception. Of course, no one expected such a turn of events and a strict quarantine regime. However, we are all on an equal footing and must abide by the rules for the safety of ourselves and our loved ones.

Of course, the situation with the virus affected not only the lives of ordinary families but also the functioning of companies. Some of them are forced to close, as in the new conditions the business suffers losses. In addition, demand for some services has fallen, so companies cannot pay rent and other running expenses. Fortunately, the virus did not become a problem for our company. So the order of all types of moving services remains available to all of you.

Our professional team makes sure that even in such difficult conditions your move is successful. For our customers, COVID-19 will not be a reason for canceling or postponing the date of relocation. Indeed, for many of you, this is a long-awaited event that you have been planning for a long time. Therefore, we want you not to postpone the organization of the move and carry out the plan at the appointed time.

We remind you that the company’s philosophy is not a typical service provision, but the professional experience. Your call is very valuable for us, and the team with care and understanding applies to each order. You should not worry about moving for a business in a pandemic. Because we know how to arrange moving safely and securely in any situation.

If you want to learn how to act now in quarantine read on for relevant information from company experts.

Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 in San Francisco has truly changed everyone’s life. Companies are uncomfortable and forced to adapt to current conditions. It is worth noting that some organizations are even afraid to organize a move right now. Because the management of companies is not confident in the future and sometimes can not find the right company to help move.

Indeed, today leaders are under great stress, making decisions in the face of risk. In any case, your decision should be based on the right attitude to the situation. Some notice only the negative consequences of the spread of the virus, while others see great opportunities for better business development. Such way moving is just that bold step that can open new horizons for your company even in such a difficult time. So it’s the best way to work with moving companies despite the circumstances.

Do you want to organize the move for the company efficiently and quickly? Fortunately, we always have solutions for every unique situation. Our team will always find the right approach and optimize the moving process  the best way.

Of course, we understand your experiences because of pandemic and doubts. Is it worth it to plan a move at all at that time? – you ask. Together with the best movers San Francisco from our company, you can safely order the service. Your safety is the company’s priority. The team of specialists created all the necessary conditions for moving under quarantine. With us, your move will be reliable and will not bring any health risks.

Providing the service, our team tries to inform you about every step. Thus, you always know and understand what the specialists are doing at the moment, and at what stage the work is going. 

Are Moving Services Still Available

COVID-19 in San Francisco has made adjustments to normal life. However, our company continues to work every day. To place an order, we recommend that you call us and specify the team’s work schedule. After the first call, we will select a professional team of movers for you and agree on the date of the move.

It is worth adding that the company makes sure that you receive the service on time. Therefore, on the eve of the move, a specialist will send you a notification. So you will know exactly what time to expect the arrival of movers.

Are storage services available?

Surely, for commercial moving, you will want to receive turnkey services. Our company is ready to organize a move to a new office, starting with the packaging of equipment and furniture and ending with the final cleaning of the new premises. In any case, such a move may take more than 1 day, especially when you are still in search of new premises for purchase or rental.

In this case, the storage of things in a warehouse is a necessity. You do not need to look for additional premises to temporarily leave the company’s property for storage. Because we will provide you with a spacious and dry warehouse with excellent conditions for storing company property. In addition, we can provide containers and boxes to place things in stock.

What are the conditions in the warehouse? Inside, a comfortable temperature mode is installed, as well as the level of humidity. Therefore, such a warehouse is suitable for office equipment, furniture, papers, and documents.

 COVID-19 in San Francisco will not cause any risks during relocation. A team of specialists maintains a high level of security and conducts colossal training before each order. Read about it later.

Features of equipment and special equipment and preparations for moving during a pandemic

Of course, people are the main value of the company. We always give maximum attention to both customers and our employees. Moreover, today more than ever it is important to take all possible measures to protect people’s health from the danger of contracting the virus:

  • Company employees have personal protective equipment.
  • Movers keep a distance when delivering cargo. Contact with customers is minimized.
  • We carefully monitor the health of employees and do not allow loaders with cold symptoms to work. In case of illness, an employee is quarantined.
  • During COVID-19 in San Francisco, we also try to make all payments by bank transfer in order to avoid contact with banknotes.

The Dependable Movers team is responsible and serious about organizing their work. We are always in touch with you!

Coronavirus won’t ruin your plans for commercial moving

So far, no one knows when exactly COVID-19 in San Francisco will stop spreading and the city will begin to live in its usual mode again. It is worth remembering that a pandemic is a temporary difficulty that can be overcome while maintaining a calm and sober look at the situation. In addition, difficult times are not a reason to give up, stop thinking about business and freeze all decisions.

In turn, our company sincerely hopes that very soon the situation will improve. In the meantime, you have a chance to use the situation to your advantage and order quality service from a well-established company. We organize the work process as safely and quickly as possible. Every day, the team gives everything 100% so that you get a high level of service.

Coronavirus Pandemic will not bring problems for relocation. Choose our company for productive cooperation. We solve problems quickly and professionally, meeting deadlines. If you need a reliable partner, then our specialists are always happy to provide qualified assistance in moving for your business.

By the way, if you want to know more information about the organization of moving, you can write to an expert in the company. He will analyze your situation in detail and give answers to all questions



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