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Senior relocation always requires more attention and responsibility from the specialists. First of all, older people are more sensitive to changes in their lives. They are no longer as energetic as in their youth and feel vulnerable and unprotected. Therefore, it is so important to work with a category of such clients humanly and soulfully.

People over 60 move for different reasons. Someone wants to live closer to the ocean and change the climate to more favorable. Many people want to be closer to nature and spend more time outdoors. Some seniors dream of living closer to their children and grandchildren so as not to feel lonely. In any case, relocation for the elderly is still a popular service along with relocation for young families.

Dependable Movers have taken care to make your move quick and easy. Our attitude towards customers is friendly and respectful. In addition, it is important for us not to leave pensioners alone with the problem of moving, but to help them, give care and attention.

Of course, age is not an obstacle to moving. Therefore, the desire to change the district or city of residence must be fulfilled at the age of 20, 30, and 60. Moreover, when it is possible to turn to experienced specialists from moving companies for help. Today you can quickly find the right company and get excellent service. Take care of your family and choose a reliable company.

Today we will tell you about the features of the interaction of a team of loaders with pensioners. You will also find out why Dependable Movers service is the right solution for a successful move!

The step-by-step process for senior relocation

What is the difference between this type of service and all other transfers? In general, all aspects remain the same. The main difference between moving for the elderly is its time. As a rule, it lasts a little longer and requires additional support from movers. After all, seniors no longer have such good health as in their youth and get tired of activity faster. Therefore, their movement is limited by physical capabilities, as well as a complex psychological attitude to changes in life. They leave the house with which their past and fond memories are connected. Our task, regardless of the circumstances, is to make such a move comfortable.

Senior relocation physically and mentally depletes the older generation. Therefore, it is important to provide not just service support, but also give them care and a polite attitude. Our company knows and understands how important. In addition, you will have a personal manager who is always in touch. You are in the safe hands of Dependable Movers from the beginning to the end of the move!

What are the stages of the relocation process? Read on.


To get started, it is better to call us to get a detailed free consultation. The manager of the company will help you choose the necessary list of services, and will also be able to form the best price for the move. If you are not satisfied with the offer, you can see the services of other moving services San Francisco. But we assure you that the Dependable Movers service will be the most profitable and the best for you.

Editing & Organizing

Upon arrival at your home, we help to sort and leave the excess property. As a rule, pensioners move to a more modest housing with a smaller area. So you have to prioritize and leave part of the property in the last house. It is important to make moving easier and not to take unnecessary things with you.


To implement senior relocation as quickly as possible, we recommend that you first start preparing documents. Because often these clearance processes hinder the move. When you deal with this issue, you can call a team of loaders.

After ordering the service, specialists will come to you to help with the move. They will select the necessary materials for packaging and securely pack the property. When all the items are in the boxes, the experts will begin loading and proceed to transportation.


Delivery time depends on which area of San Francisco you are moving to. In any case, before ordering, specialists will calculate the deadlines for moving. Upon completion of the delivery of the goods, the team will also quickly and safely transfer things to the house and help unpack them. In addition, we will help with cleaning the premises and take them out. From the beginning to the end of the move, we think through step by step. Therefore, loaders masterfully optimize the work process and show the best level of service during senior relocation.

Senior relocation: Our customer reviews

We are pleased to receive positive feedback from regular and new customers. For 7 years of work, our company has successful experience in moving crossings of varying complexity. Every year our service develops and becomes even more affordable and diverse. Of course, in practice, there are different cases that do not always bring a positive assessment of the company. However, such a backlash motivates us to correct defects and work on quality even better.

Dependable Movers are happy to be of service to you! Your call is very important for the company. Contact us to get the best moving and qualified help from professionals.

How to order a service

Service always remains affordable and quick to order! You need to make an application on the site or call us. We will be happy to help you place your order for the required date at competitive prices.

Dependable Movers have excellent organizational skills to make senior relocation truly comfortable. Patience and understanding on the part of the team will help pensioners cope with stress and worries. After all, moving always becomes easier when you have a reliable support from an experienced company.

If you still have questions, ask an expert.



Thank you so much for taking the time to check out our website. If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask. We know moving can be stressful that is why we are here for you.

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