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Just 20 miles from San Francisco and 30 from San Jose, San Mateo CA is a beacon for young and old alike. A bit more than 104,000 people live here, attracted by the mild Mediterranean climate and beautiful historythat comes with this central location in the San Francisco Bay area. So why are so many people choosing to move here and set down roots?

Here are some reasons why families are flocking to San Mateo.

It’s Friendly and Welcoming

Friendly and inviting, a lot can be said about the people of San Mateo. Whether due to the warm climate, beautiful beaches or perpetually blue sky, one can only wonder why the natives have such a positive energy. People say hello to one another when passing in the street, they hold doors open for each other, and they just have generally pleasant dispositions. This gives off an air of trustworthiness and happiness that people seem to gravitate toward.

The Landscaping is Impeccable

While you won’t find ritzy houses with gates in every neighborhood in San Mateo, this makes the yards no less amazing. Small, green lawns are taken care of by homeowners who take pride in their property, dotted with yucca palms, lemon and fig trees, and flowering sage and rosemary, making for a natural delight.


With a nice blend of locals and those who move here from all over the country, the word “community” is no truer than in San Mateo. From Russian and Spanish to Mandarin and Hindi, you will hear a variety of languages being spoken in and around town.

Green Spaces

The County of San Mateo Parks Departmentboasts 23 parks and counting in the area. Some of those include:

  • Coyote Point Recreation Area
  • Crystal Springs Regional Trail
  • Edgewood Park
  • Devil’s Slide Trail
  • Flood Park
  • Friendship Park
  • Junipero Serra Park
  • Moss Beach Park
  • Pillar Point Bluff
  • Wunderlich Park

Whether you like to hike, bike, jog, walk, picnic, take the kids to a playground or just throw a ball around, you have a wide variety of green spaces to choose from.

Blue Spaces

By extension, if you love the ocean and sand, you will love San Mateo. The beaches are one of the biggest draws around these parts! Coyote Point Beach in particular, located halfway between San Francisco International Airport and the San Mateo Bridge, offers stunning scenery, an 18-hole golf course called Poplar Creek Golf Course, a marina and yacht club, nature museum known as CuriOdyssey, walking trails, beach-front promenade, playground, and grass park complete with amenities. If you’re a cycling enthusiast, this is a good starting point for a ride along the San Francisco Bay Trail.

Nearby beaches include 3rdAve Beach, Oyster Cove Beach, Rockaway Beach and Candlestick Point Recreation Area.

Public Transportation

It’s easy to get around here, too. SamTrans is the bus system and Caltrain is the train system. Taxis, Ubers and other ride shares are also available, making it pretty simple to navigate the city and commute to work if you don’t want to use your own car.


The schools have high ratings in San Mateo. Some of the top public schools here include College Park Elementary School, George Hall Elementary School, Baywood Elementary School and North Shoreview Montessori Elementary School. The public school districts here are the San Mateo-Foster City School District and the San Mateo Union High School District.

Prime Location

San Mateo has a great centralized location, right next to Interstate 280, and highways 101 and 92. Head north to visit or work in San Francisco or head south to check out San Jose. Either way, you’ll be there in under a half hour.

Thriving Tech

San Mateo, part of Silicon Valley, is home to the biggest innovators in technology, from Google to Facebook. If you’re a tech startup, this is where you want to be. The job opportunities are endless and the economy is robust thanks to its central location to the country’s most profitable industries.

As you can see, there are many reasons why a move to San Mateo is a good thing for your family. Getting there is a cinch when you hire professional movers like our team to handle all the details.

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