Your Guide to Choosing a Reputable San Francisco Mover

Looking to make a move soon? The first thing to consider is to do your research on a reputable moving company in San Francisco. While it may seem like a frustrating and time consuming task at first, this will benefit you in the long run when you finally settle on a mover with confidence. Whether for a residential or commercial move, your main mission should be to find a company with a solid reputation in the community so you know they have your best interests at heart.

Check out these five tips to help you locate the best professional for your upcoming move.

1.    Read Those Online Reviews

That’s the first place you should start. This will give you an overall feel for a company, even if they do have a couple of negative reviews peppered in. If most are good, you can have a bit confidence knowing they’re up to the task. Reviews from current and former customers will kick off your research into the matter, as obtaining feedback is imperative to the process.

Yes, take those online reviews with a grain of salt, but the key here is to determine a pattern of success. Once you browse through all the reviews, you should notice if the mover has a good track record or not. They should have at least four stars and should belong to a number of reputable moving associations.

Once you have read online reviews from strangers, pick up the phone or hit up social media to see who your friends and family recommend. This will give you further personal insight into which companies are good or not.

2.  Delve Into Their Experience

If a mover just opened a couple months ago, they may not have the experience to handle all types of moves seamlessly. They could still be working out the kinks for a while. In contrast, an established company that’s been around for many years or even decades has the process down pat and has earned its spot in the local moving industry. However, experience isn’t everything. You can have a fresh-faced mover who just started out who is eager to please, just like you can have an experienced mover who rushes through everything just to get to the next paying job.

Either way, make sure the mover you ultimately choose handles your type of relocation frequently, whether that’s a large-scale commercial move or an apartment move.

3.    Check Licensing and Insurance

Always check up on the licensing and insurance requirements of a company. If a particular mover is not licensed or insured, or hesitates to show you proof, go elsewhere. A licensed and insured mover is there for your safety and protection. Without those assurances, you don’t know what kind of service or guarantee you will get. You can start by checking their website, as many companies have it listed there. Search for Department of Transportation (DOT) licensing and insurance information. Don’t see it? Ask.

Here at Dependable Movers, for instance, we proudly display our license #s on our website:

  • License: MTR 0191786
  • US DOT: 3098516

4.    Inquire About Specialized Moving Services

Not all movers are created equally. Some are experts in local moves, while others focus on long-distance. Still others prefer residential to commercial. And even under the same umbrella, some moving companies may specialize in one area, i.e., for commercial moves, some are skilled at small office moves but not necessarily large corporate ones.

Know the scope of work a particular mover can perform and what they can’t. Ask about this ahead of time. Most movers will be up front with you about their abilities or preferences. Most perform standard house-to-house moves within a specified service area; however, if you have special requirements or specialty items, such as antiques, artwork, arcade games or pool tables, it’s always bet to ask ahead of time if they have the manpower and equipment to handle those requests.

Ask them if they move gun safes, pianos, hot tubs, pool tables, sectionals, and large appliances. Their answers may dictate which company you will go with.

5.  Ask About What Moving Equipment They Have

Of course you assume that your movers will come equipped with all the right equipment, tools and other preparations to ensure a smooth move. But not all movers have everything. While some national franchises boast large fleets of trucks, the latest in equipment and plenty of resources to offer, you may not get the same spectrum with smaller independent owners who may only have a truck or two and just as many movers. That’s not to say either one is better than the other; just be sure to ask beforehand.

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