Safety Must-Haves For Every Move

Everyone knows moving is stressful. But did you know it can also be very dangerous? It’s true. It’s time consuming, back breaking and exhausting work, thanks to all that heavy lifting and other factors that can pave the way for injuries if you aren’t careful. Sharp knives, awkward sectionals, heavy pianos…these can all pose a problem for even the most fit and cautious homeowner.

This is why it’s a good idea to hire a professional mover in San Francisco. They bring the muscle, to be sure, but they also bring all the safety equipment and tools to ensure a safe, efficient and quick job. On top of protecting the integrity of your belongings, it’s important to take steps to protect yourself and your family during your move. To do that, you need a basic understanding of how to conduct a safe move. Here are some tips.

Avoid Overpacking

This is a common pitfall of many a homeowner. Just because that big box you picked up at the liquor store can technically fit 100 pounds of CDs and books doesn’t mean it should! Every box, no matter how large, has its limits on how much stuff it should reasonably hold. If you overpack, you are risking injury to your neck, back, shoulders and legs.

You shouldn’t pack more than:

  • 50 lbs. in a small box
  • 65 lbs. in a medium box
  • 70 lbs. in a large box

Leave the extra-large boxes for bulky items such as linens, bedding and towels, but nothing too heavy.

If you need help with the packing process, hire your local movers. They’ll be glad to do it, and they’ll even bring all the supplies.

Wrap All Sharp Objects

It may be tempting to throw all your knives, cutlery and gardening tools in a box and call it a day. But you should always take the time to properly wrap all sharp items in packing paper and bubble wrap so you don’t get cut or stabbed while packing and unpacking. You can even go a step further and wrap those bundles in dish towels secured with an elastic.

Dress for the Job

Moving day is not the day to wear your new flip flops and chunky jewelry. Wear comfortable clothing and sneakers with traction. You’ll be doing a lot of grueling work on this day, so make sure your hair is tied back, you have the proper footwear, and your clothing is breathable. You may also want to dress in layers, so you can shed some clothing as the day wears on and you get sweatier.

Make a Plan

Having a plan in place will ensure your move goes smoothly. Heavy lifting is part of the territory when it comes to moving, but it can strain your joints and muscles. Don’t lift more than you have to. Let your movers do the bulk of it. After all, that’s what you’re paying them for! Be sure to plan ahead of time if you want to organize the truck so you can let your movers know what should go in first and last.

Lift Properly

There’s a right and a wrong way to lift heavy items. In general, you want to keep your spine alignment neutral. Always bend at the knees and not the waist. To maintain balance, carry heavy boxes close to your body. Refrain from twisting your body, but if you have to, make sure to do this from the hips first and not the feet.

Know Your Limits

Moving is not a competition. There is no award for lifting the heaviest box. If a box feels too clumsy or unmanageable, let the movers do it or ask someone for help. Only you know your body’s limits, so don’t push them.

Take time throughout the day to stretch your muscles. You’re more at risk for injury if you have tight muscles and limbs. Take small, frequent breaks, working out your knees and shoulders in particular. If you feel discomfort, take it easy. Grab a cool drink and rest for a bit. Here are some good examples of light stretches to try throughout the day.

Keep Pathways Clear

Make sure all pathways are clear on moving day. This will keep you, your kids, your pets and the movers safe as you pack, haul and lift. Keep objects out of the way of doorways, hallways, stairs and common areas.

Get Plenty of Rest

You’re at a higher risk of injury if you’re overly tired, so make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before. Spread out your packing tasks many days or weeks ahead of time so you’re not staying up late to get last minute things done.

Stay Hydrated

Be sure to drink enough water on moving day. Dehydration leads to weakness, a foggy brain and clumsiness, so have plenty of water bottles and sports drinks on hand, as well as nutritious snacks such as protein bars, whole grain crackers, trail mix and nuts. Take bathroom breaks and rest periods as needed to avoid physical stress.

Keep Kids and Pets Occupied

Nothing hinders the safety of a move like small children and pets underfoot. In advance of moving day, make arrangements for friends to watch your kids and pets, or bring them to day cares to ensure they are safely out of the way. If you can’t send them away for the day, keep them contained in a safe zone such as a play room. Check on them often, or hire a neighborhood babysitter to take them for walks or visit the playground.

Staying safe throughout a move takes planning, but you got this! And with us behind you, staying safe and efficient is easier than ever.

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