Moving to San Francisco: Before, During and After

Moving to a new city, especially a big one like San Francisco, can be very overwhelming. Knowing what to expect before, during and after the move can be very helpful. Another big help? Hiring movers skilled in San Francisco moves, as they know this area inside and out and can get you moved in quickly and safely.

So, if you’re facing a move to this bustling and  beautiful city, home to 875,000, here’s what to know during all phases of your relocation.


Moving to a new city is not something to take lightly. You obviously want to do all the research you can to learn about San Fran and what to expect. From cost of living and the job market to neighborhoods and schools, take your time researching the area you want to live in, look at all pros and cons, and ask friends about their recommendations.

  • Make a bucket list for the old place: You’re leaving behind a piece of you in the old place, and even if you’re excited about a new start in life, make the transition easier on yourself by making a bucket list of things to do prior to the move. Try that Thai place you always wanted to eat at. Take in a local concert in the park where you had your first kiss. Whatever it is, embrace the old before you embrace the new to help you let go.
  • Make plans with your old pals: Sure, you’ll always have Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, but these are poor substitutes for keeping up true relationships. Think about the relationships you want to keep and speak with those friends to establish a plan for staying in touch. Maybe you can book your first trip back to the old place around the holidays, before you even leave. Then, this gives you a concrete plan of returning and catching up.
  • Forward your mail and transfer utilities: Fill out a change of address form at the post office and call your utility company to transfer services to the new address. This way, there won’t be a gap in service.


Now that you’re right in the thick of things, you’ll have to clean your old place and pack up your stuff to prepare for moving day.

  • Follow a system: Create checklists, and move from room to room. Take your time packing, checking off lists, cleaning and accomplishing tasks. Purge as needed so you don’t take stuff with you that you don’t actually need.
  • Hire movers: Make it easy on your friends and family. Don’t bother them with pleas to help you move – instead, hire professionals who can handle every detail, from packing to loading to unloading. This will also take the stress out of your San Francisco move so you can concentrate on more important things.


Well, you made the move and you’re settling into your new place. You may be tempted to rush through the unpacking process, but you should take your time. If you were organized in your packing, the unpacking process should go smoothly. Do it all in reverse. Go room by room, starting with the most essential rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom.

  • Set up your stuff: Once the essentials are out of the way, you can start decorating, putting up photos and other creature comforts of life.
  • Find a comfortable spot: Now that the first load of laundry is done and the last box is unpacked, you can get out into the city and explore it properly. Find your “spot.” This could be a corner coffee shop, a local park or a grocery store that has all your favorites. Whether you’re interested in politics, religion, photography, or crafting, there’s something out there for you. You just have to find it and take the leap.
  • Take care of the little things: Of course, you can’t just move in and have fun. You have to take care of the details that will allow you to become a functioning member of society. Find a new doctor you can trust, set your kids up in school, register your car, know where the closest grocery stores and post offices are, map out the route to the nearest hospital or walk-in, and anything else that will help you feel connected to the new city.
  • Join organized groups: From non-profit volunteering to softball leagues, even if you don’t consider yourself the typical “joiner,” get out of your comfort zone and join something, suggests Apartment Therapy. This will help you meet new people, try a hobby you’re never tried before, connect with others, and expand your knowledge of the area. Try Meetups for social groups that are the best fit for you.
  • Say yes to everything: New friends, perhaps a love interest, a job…these are all things you need to thrive in your new life. You won’t expand your horizons and meet anyone if you sit in your home or apartment all day and order takeout. Say yes to all invitations. If co-workers invite you to happy hour after work, go. If someone you’ve bumped into several times at the local bookstore asks you to go for coffee, go. Take everyone up on their offers instead of retreating into your own uncertain life.

There are many things to be aware of before, during and after you move to San Francisco. Partnering with the right mover, planning ahead and learning everything you can about your new city will all help you in this adjustment to a new life.

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