What to Know Before Moving to Sausalito

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Contemplating a move to Sausalito CA? A decision of this magnitude shouldn’t be made without thorough research first. Arm yourself with all the information you will need for a smooth relocation to this city of 7,100.

The other good thing you can do before a Sausalito move is to hire residential movers you trust to get you moved out and in, smoothly and in record time.

Know the Area

Sausalito is a small city nestled in Marin County, just eight miles from San Rafael and four miles from San Francisco. It’s pretty close to the historic and iconic Golden Gate Bridge, which is what makes Sausalito so special.

Sausalito got its start as a bustling shipbuilding center during World War II, bringing an industrial character straight through to the postwar years, and more recently to a reputation as being a wealthy, artistic, picturesque community that only the rich can afford. You’ll see houseboats galore here, as well as sprawling estates coupled with smaller, less assuming homes. It’s primarily a tourist destination bounded by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, but it plays host to a small number of permanent residents who call Sausalito home – 7,000 of them in fact.

Demographics and Cost of Living

This gorgeous waterfront community has a median age of 54, with many retirees choosing to live out their golden years here in this idyllic community. As such, it’s a slower lifestyle here in Sausalito. Don’t expect too much partying and craziness. The median income is about $110,000. As of 2020, racial demographics were 84.% White, 8.5% Hispanic or Latino, and 2% Black or African. Most people in Sausalito are residents, with 95% of the people being permanent citizens. Located in Marin County, Sausalito’s zip code is 94965.

It’s not exactly cheap to live here. Sausalito’s cost of living is 268 – to put that in perspective, the rest of the country’s average is 100. This high cost of living is due to its close proximity to San Francisco. As such, the median home price is $1 million. Translation: this is a very affluent area! Typical prices here are as follows:

  • Fast food meal: $10
  • Restaurant meal: $18
  • Dozen eggs: $3.19
  • Gallon of milk: $4.16
  • Pound of chicken: $5.63

Rent here is about $2,000 a month at the low end and $6,000 a month at the high end, depending, obviously, on size and proximity to the water.

Neighborhoods and Weather

Not sure which neighborhood you want to move to? No problem. There are eight to choose from. Here’s a brief look at each one:

  • Old Town/Hurricane Gulch: Wonderful for families
  • Wolfback Ridge: Great for those who crave privacy high up on a hill
  • The Hill: Comprised of condos and older homes
  • New Town: Bay views, right on the water, high home prices
  • Monte Mar Vista/Toyon Terrace: Single-family residential neighborhood
  • Spring Street Valley: Comprised of single family homes and condos
  • The Marinship: Great for singles and night life
  • Nevada Street Valley: Ideal for families with children

The neighborhoods are wonderful, but the beautiful weather is really what attracts people to Sausalito. It’s always temperate and mild, never too cold or too hot. Over the course of any given year, the temperature varies from 44°F to 73°F but rarely falls below 37°F or gets above 83°F.

Sausalito can get up to nine days of rain per month, and fog is pretty common, especially in the morning.

Things to Do

The Golden Gate National Recreation Area is one of the biggest draws in and around Sausalito. About 15 million tourists come to this park every year, which features 19 different ecosystems with more than 2,000 plant and animal species. Take a hike, enjoy the views, have a picnic lunch or learn about California’s indigenous cultures, the Mexican Republic, Spanish colonialism, U.S. military expansion and the overall growth of the San Francisco Bay Area.

This free attraction is great for tourists, residents, and students looking to augment their history lessons. This site was formerly used by the U.S. army, lending even more rich history to the area.

Muir Woods National Monument

If you’ve always wanted to see the Redwood Forest, now’s your chance. Check out the towering old growth coast redwoods and the fresh water of Redwood Creek. This area is a federally protected National Monument, and has been since 1908.

Alcatraz Island

Take a day trip for a memorable tour to Alcatraz Island. Once a fort, a military prison, and a maximum-security federal penitentiary, this small island began its modern history in 1969 when the Indians of All Tribes occupied Alcatraz for more than a year and a half months to defend their freedom and Native American civil rights. You will love learning all about this island’s complex history, stories, legends and natural beauty.

Today, it is home to the abandoned prison, the oldest operating West Coast lighthouse and natural rock pools. No longer an active prison, the peak period of use for Alcatraz was in the 1950s, when it was known as “The Rock” and housed more than 200 inmates at this maximum-security facility.

As you do your research on Sausalito, make plans to take a trip out there beforehand if you can. This will give you a better understanding of how it is laid out, the community feel, the weather and the neighborhoods. We hope to be part of your move to Sausalito!

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