Benefits of Hiring Professional White Glove Movers

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When you have a large amount of valuables to pack and move, you want a little added assurance that those items will be treated with extra special care. That’s when you hire professional white glove movers.

In a nutshell, white glove moving is a luxury service offered by many moving companies, Dependable Moversincluded, whereby trained professionals take extra precautions to relocate your belongings efficiently, safely, and with a high level of attention to detail. Choose this service when moving high-end or fragile items.

Here are some of the benefits to hiring professional white glove movers.

1.   White Glove Movers are Trained to Handle Heavy, Bulky items

Often times, amateur movers don’t have the proper experience to handle oversized, bulky items. Unfortunately, this can and does result in damage to your goods. However, when you enlist the help of white glove movers, you can rest easy knowing your valuable possessions, especially fine art and antiques, will be safely moved and transported to the new home. Depending on what you have to move, these trained moving professionals offer custom crating to make sure your possessions arrive with zero damage.

They bring the right equipment and tools to ensure they can get large, expensive items out safely, from plasma TVs and sectionals to statues and pieces of fine art.

2.    White Glove Movers Offer Professional Packing and Unpacking Services

Most white glove movers also offer packing and unpacking, so if you would rather leave these tasks up to the professionals, you can. They will oversee the packing process from start to finish, ensuring all your most valuable pieces are packed the right way. Then, once those valuable items have been unloaded at the new home, they take care to unpack them as well. Many times, such valuable items involve small, intricate pieces. They will disassemble and reassemble any item you need moved, such as billiards tables, which have a lot of legs, pockets and other accessories to dismantle.

They will also unpack all your boxes, making sure your electronics and furniture are set up correctly and assembled in the designated spot.

3.    White Glove Movers Can Retrieve Items in Storage

Sometimes, you may need to keep items in a storage facility. Worried about how you can remove all those extra boxes and furniture and put them in a climate-controlled storage unit? No worries. Just hire white glove moving professionals, who can use their equipment and knowledge to safely retrieve all of your possessions on the day of relocation. If some of your furniture is tricky to assemble, most white glove movers offer installation services to ensure you don’t waste hours of your time putting furniture pieces back together.

4.   White Glove Movers Pay Attention to Detail

Some white glove movers will also coordinate the whole move, itemizing and cataloging all your belongings, providing you with a digital record of the inventory. This ensures every item is accounted for, with the condition noted, says The New York Times. This attention to detail is something many homeowners would rather pay someone else to worry about. If you have the extra cash, this service certainly offers a high value.

5.    White Glove Movers Make Sure the New Home is in Pristine Condition During the Move

Many white glove movers offer additional services such as cleaning. They will remove trash and other unwanted material from both old and new houses. Cleaning the old house will ensure the new homeowners will be able to move right in with peace of mind. It’s common courtesy, after all. Cleaning the new house will ensure you have minimal disinfecting work to do after moving in. This saves you time, hassle and money, meaning you can simply move in and put on the finishing touches!

In the end, white glove movers offer one important thing: peace of mind. Don’t trust just anyone with your grandma’s vintage vase collection or the contents of your high-end game room. Shell out a few extra bucks for a white glove mover. You won’t regret it!

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