6 Reasons Why You Should Hire Commercial Movers for Your Business Relocation

From minimizing downtime to assistance with installation and setup, there are many reasons why you should hire commercial movers for your upcoming business relocation. Many office managers and owners recognize the value in hiring pros for their moves, as it ensures longer periods of productivity and reduces the chances of delays and snafus.

Here are six reasons why you should hire commercial movers:

1.    Minimize Downtime

When you hire professional movers, your employees are free to focus on their work without disruption. Some employers involve their employees in the relocation, but this can lead to injury. Plus, when you take employees away from their regular work, you lose production. It’s best to hire pros so you don’t waste business hours on packing and moving.

Expect your employees to shoulder the move of their own office can cause company morale to take a hit, leading to feelings of resentment and unproductivity. You also increase the legal and financial risk of your company when you rely on workers to help move. You don’t want someone to pull a muscle or fall, as you would be responsible for paying workers comp as well as retraining someone new to do their job in the interim.

2.    Right Equipment

Movers bring all the right equipment for an office move. This means they can disassemble an office cubicle with ease, take off the legs of your conference room table for easier transport, and properly secure computers and printers for the trip. In addition to the right equipment, they have many moving and flatbed trucks at their disposal which makes it easier to haul your electronics, appliances and other heavy items.

3.    Assistance With Office Installation

You may have no idea how to put everything back together again, or even configure it in the right way to complement the new space. Movers can help with all that. So, not only will these experts disassemble, pack and move your entire office, but they will also reinstall and unpack all items in the new digs.

Bonus: you’re doing your part to minimize downtime as movers work quickly to get you back up and running so you can make money again. You can’t afford to leave your customers, vendors and clients hanging! It’s best for everyone involved if you have as little gap in production as possible.

4.    Saves Money

Yes, movers cost money. But let’s see what you would shell out if you decided to tackle a DIY office move:

  1. Rent a moving truck for office furniture and equipment.
  2. Buy moving and packing materials.
  3. Buy moving equipment, such as dollies.
  4. Buy moving insurance.
  5. Buy tools to disassemble office furniture.
  6. Spend hours packing, cleaning and moving, which cuts into regular business hours.
  7. Employees can easily get overworked, overwhelmed and disgruntled, leading to further unproductivity.

It’s financially draining to move your office all on your own, to be sure, but it’s also emotionally and physically draining as well. You’re not trained in how to properly pick up and move items weighing hundreds of pounds, and neither are your employees. Don’t ask them to. Leave this stuff up to the pros. Your bottom line will thank you later.

Plus, you can choose from a variety of packages when booking professional movers. You can hire them just for the muscle, or add in packing, or even disassembly and re-assembly. Your choice, your budget.

5.    Easier on Employees

Using a moving company lifts the stress and strain off your employees who are already overwhelmed with their day to day jobs. They have to pick up and move their families in many cases, disrupting their whole lives. They’re worrying about that plus how they will finish up their work in time for the move so they can take a couple days off.

Moving is taxing, physically and mentally. Don’t burden your employees with taking on tasks that aren’t in their job description. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with asking them to pack up their own desk and surrounding areas. In fact, they may prefer this so they can decide what to do with their own personal effects. You just can’t expect them to pitch in and pack up the entire office when their salary does not include that.

The risks to your business include personal injury, equipment and furniture damage, and missing stock — possibilities that can crop up when asking employees to help with your office relocation. You’re far better off hiring professionals whose job it is every day to pack, move and relocate in a timely manner.

6.    Insurance

Even the smallest of offices has expensive equipment and technology that would cost you a lot of money to fix or replace. On top of that, you also have to consider the downtime while waiting for the equipment to be repaired, which could amount to weeks. Can you live without that equipment for that long? What would happen to productivity?

Moving companies offer insurance as part of their basic packages, which covers you in the loss or damage of your items. If you do things on your own, you would either have to go without insurance or purchase your own expensive policy just for relocation coverage. You can’t bank on accidents not happening. It’s better to be prepared for any eventuality.

And if you wish to purchase additional insurance on top of the basic rate the moving company offers, you can do so. This will augment that basic coverage in the event your high-end valuables are damaged in transit.

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