What Goes into a Moving Estimate?

The cost of moving can be shocking to many people, from the cost of the new house itself, to the professional movers, to storage, to purchasing new furnishings. But moving is inevitable for many people in and around San Francisco, and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.  When you do your homework, you can find the perfect price for your residential movers, so you can spend more time and money on other things.

It all starts with a free quote. You should gather at least three and narrow it down from there. Don’t just go with the cheapest one, though, as you get what you pay for. Somewhere in the middle of the road is fine. Always get an estimate before you sign any contract, and make sure that contract spells out everything in detail. You don’t want to be surprised later by extra hidden fees and add-ons.

No two moves will be the same. Some are across state borders, while others are simply across town. That’s why your neighbor’s quote from their move last year won’t be the same as yours. Many things go into the final price, so do your due diligence beforehand to avoid any missteps.

What’s a Moving Estimate?

There are two types of moving estimates:

  • Binding estimates. With this type, once you sign a contract with a particular moving company, they are unable to change the price they originally quoted you, says Consumer Affairs. It’s binding and means you are locked in at that price. Sounds scary, but as long as you only move the items listed on your inventory sheet, there will be no surprises. This usually involves an in-person consultation where movers take measurements, check out your furniture and the layout of your home, and come up with a very detailed inventory.
  • Non-binding estimates. This type involves a price quote after a quick consultation and is more casual than its binding counterpart. It’s basically a best guess by the movers as to what the price tag will be. The final price won’t be determined yet, as the details have not been covered yet. This type of estimate is most helpful for people who are at the very first stages of moving, when they just want a ballpark figure so they can start planning. This type of estimate can be done over the phone, or after a quick walk through in person.

What’s Contained in a Moving Estimate?

A moving quote will include the mover’s estimate of what it will cost them to perform your requested move. There are many factors that go into this number, including:

  • Home size: The estimate should include the square footage of your home and how many bedrooms you have.
  • Furniture: It will also include the amount, size and shape of your furniture.
  • Total weight of items you plan to move.
  • Distance: International and cross-country moves will obviously cost a lot more than a local move.
  • Difficulty of the move: You will pay more if you live in a home with three floors, featuring winding staircases, narrow doorways and winding staircases, compared with a single level home that has relatively easy access.
  • Time of year: Hiring a mover will generally cost you more in summer because this is peak season and they are in high demand. If you choose to move in the off-season, such as winter, rates will be lower and you have a better chance of striking a deal. Plus, it won’t be as busy to schedule a move in your desired timeframe.
  • Custom requests: If your move involves a piano or packing, the estimate will include the cost of these additional services.

Moving quotes can be confusing sometimes, but be sure to ask questions of the movers to clarify what you’re signing. Don’t sign anything that you’re not sure about. It’s always better to ask first, then sign, so as to avoid problems and issues on moving day. Get everything in writing and make copies of everything. If you have done your homework and have chosen a reputable mover in the first place, your relocation – and its cost – will be a breeze.

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