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What To Do in Sausalito 

If you are going to be moving to Sausalito, then you are probably wondering what there is to do in this city. Fortunately for you or your family, there are many things you can visit and do in Sausalito that are both family-friendly and enriching for people of all ages. Its beautiful location on the shore of Marin County makes for fun outdoor and indoor activities for the residents of Sausalito. Below, Dependable Movers details what the best things to do in this Marin County town are for people wondering what to do in Sausalito. Continue reading to learn more. 

What to Do in Downtown Sausalito 

When it comes to extensive eating options, there are few places as privileged as Sausalito. Our Sausalito movers recommend you visit the downtown area and the many seafood restaurants that line the boardwalk. Some standouts include Seafood Peddler, Osteria Divino, and Scoma’s of Sausalito. These restaurants offer fresh local seafood along with beautiful views of San Francisco Bay, which makes the perfect backdrop while you eat your meal. There are also a variety of bars to choose from if you happen to be in the area, the most popular being Smitty’s Bar, Bar Bocce, and Barrel House Tavern. Like much of the restaurants in Sausalito, these bars offer beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay. Also, for those wondering what there is to do in Sausalito that does not involve eating or drinking, downtown has great access to the nature and views that the Bay Area has to offer. 

What to Do in Sausalito at Night 

There are many exciting things that you could do in Sausalito at night. One of our Sausalito, CA movers’ favorite things to do in Sausalito at night is to take advantage of the many art galleries and ghost tours that the city has to offer. One of the most popular art galleries residents could visit is Studio 333. This venue also doubles as an event space, which makes it a versatile place to host parties or other kinds of special events like graduations and birthday parties. For those that have an affinity for art, the studio also has a fantastic selection for you to enjoy. 

More About Dependable Movers and Our Sausalito Moving Company 

Aside from letting our customers know what to do in Sausalito, we are a full-service Bay Area moving company dedicated to serving residents of the Bay Area with premier services from our Bay Area movers. Aside from our Sausalito movers, we also offer assistance to people in the area, thanks to our San Francisco movers, Berkeley movers, San Mateo movers, and much more. Contact our Sausalito, CA movers, or get a free estimate today to learn more. 


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