Long Distance Moving Tips

How Should I Prepare for a Long-Distance Move to California? 

Sometimes, life happens, and you will need to move a long distance. Whether this is because of school, work, or family, you will need to understand that moving such a long distance is stressful and that preparing for it is more challenging than it seems. If you find yourself moving to California from far away, then it may be time for you to look for some long-distance moving tips. Below, our Bay Area movers explain what it takes to move long distances and how you could make your upcoming move as comfortable as possible. 

Long Distance Moving and Packing for Beginners 

One of the classic mistakes people make when they are just beginning their move is to wait too long to make plans. We recommend that you start writing a detailed action plan as soon as you know that you will be moving soon. This checklist should be as detailed as possible so you’ll have a comprehensive action plan to follow and a tangible time limit. Sticking to this action plan is paramount, as you try your best to avoid getting caught off guard by anything that you procrastinate over or ignore. One of the most useful long-distance moving tips that should stay in mind is learning how to pack for a cross-country move, which is detailed below. 

How to Pack for a Cross-Country Move or Long-Distance Move

If you are moving a long enough distance to be considered cross-country, you need to make sure your packing is on point. It is easy to lose valuable clothing and belongings during a move, which is especially true for cross-country moves because you are likely going to move across multiple states. Therefore, we recommend making an inventory list of all the belongings you are bringing with you to your new home. This inventory list should be as detailed as possible and include everything that you find valuable enough to take with you. 

Another thing that you should keep in mind when packing for long-distance moves is to break down what will be going into your new home and what will need to be thrown away. For example, your king-sized bed might be too big to fit through your doorway, so you are going to need to give it away or sell it. 

Lastly, the final long-distance moving tip that you should be made aware of is to pack your boxes knowing that you are moving a long distance. The longer this distance you must go, the higher the probability that your items will get damaged in transit. Dependable Movers offers packing services so that this is easier for you. 

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