Things to do With Your Dogs in Sausalito

Things to Do in Sausalito With Your Dog 

There are many people that move to Sausalito with their pets. If you are moving with a dog, you will need to find things to do in Sausalito with your dog so that you can ensure your and your pet’s happiness. There are few things worse for your dog than thrusting them into a new environment without any activities to blow off some steam and ease their anxiety. In the following article, Dependable Movers details some dog-friendly Sausalito activities you can do with your pet so that they can enjoy their new city just like you. 

Dog-Friendly Sausalito Activities 

The good news for people that are looking for things to do in Sausalito with their dog is that there is a wide collection of dog parks for them to enjoy. Our Sausalito moving company recommends that you check out some of the following parks so you can enjoy the beautiful weather while watching your dog socialize with other animals and people, too. 

Remington Dog Park 

If there is one thing that our Sausalito, CA movers love, it is our great park system. One of the most popular parks for dog owners is Remington Dog Park. This is an off-leash dog park that makes it easy for you to enjoy time outdoors with a good book, meal, or drink. 

Gabrielson Park 

This park is revered by our Sausalito movers because it hosts Jazz and Blues by the Bay and a great 4th of July fireworks show. Aside from being a great park, it offers a spectacular view of the Bay, which provides the perfect backdrop for a fun outing with your pet in Sausalito. 

Sausalito Dog-Friendly Restaurants 

When it comes to finding things to do in Sausalito with your dogs, there are few things as fun as taking them to your favorite restaurants. There are many Sausalito dog-friendly restaurants that you could enjoy, and there are few resources as reliable as one of the most experienced Sausalito moving companies available. 

Anchorage 5 

If you are in the mood for classic American cuisine, then Anchorage 5 is the place for you and your pet. The most sought-after dishes include corned beef hash, specialty omelets, and Eggs Benedict. They have a great outdoor area where you can dine with your pet in tow, and they even have water bowls for dogs available, where they have water bowls for dogs available. 

Fred’s Cafe

There are few places as good for breakfast as Fred’s Cafe. Like Anchorage 5, this restaurant offers outdoor seating with water bowls that allow you to enjoy your applewood smoked bacon, English muffins, and even Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup with your dog. 

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