Moving In With Your Significant Other

Moving in After Marriage: Tips From Dependable Movers

When a couple gets married, an important step in the relationship is moving in together. If you are getting married soon, you may be wondering how to confront this important stage in the relationship. Dependable Movers is a full-service Bay Area moving company that has helped plenty of families and newlyweds settle into their new homes. As such an experienced business, our Bay Area movers have seen it all, and we are ready to assist newlyweds-to-be with moving in after marriage. Dependable Movers is here to help you confront this important step in your life with the following tips. Continue reading below to learn more. 

Create a Financial Moving In Together Checklist 

The first step of moving in together after marriage is to discuss finances and how they will be split up between the two of you. This topic is extremely important and personal and will vary from couple to couple. There are many expenses that come with being married and moving in together. This includes rent or mortgages, household expenses, and maybe even the costs associated with having a newborn in the house. Our San Francisco local movers recommend that you sit down with your spouse and have an open discussion about the state of the household income and how expenses should be decided. Important topics include how much debt you are carrying as a couple, financial goals, and the impact of each person’s credit score. 

After getting the state of the household’s finances, it is important to divide the financial responsibilities accordingly by deciding whether they will be split among the couple or one person pays more than the other. 

What to Know Before Moving In Together 

Couples that are moving in together should know that there will be more household responsibilities and that there will be periods of conflict because familiarity breeds contempt. It is important to create guidelines that each party has to respect so that everything around the home goes smoothly. Simple tasks like who is responsible to cook, to clean, and to walk the dog should be decided between the couple so that everyone has assigned roles that they can and should clearly follow. 

Also, married couples should be willing to openly communicate, making conflict as sparse as possible. 

More About Dependable Movers 

Aside from providing useful tips on moving in after marriage, our moving company is proud to provide our customers with a full suite of moving services. Whether it is our local moving, residential moving, long-distance moving, packing services, or white glove moving services, our San Francisco movers and Bay Area movers have got you covered. We offer services across the entire Bay Area thanks to our San Francisco long-distance movers, Sausalito movers, Berkeley movers, and Berkeley local movers. Contact us or get a free estimate today to learn more. 

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