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Preparing for a Move: How to Move Antiques 

Some of your items carry sentimental as well as monetary value. This is especially true for antiques or other items that may have been passed down through generations. If you are preparing to move, one of the most important concerns you may have is the correct way to move antiques and other delicate items. Long-distance moves through mountainous terrain like the one in the Bay Area might be a recipe for disaster for your precious and valuable items. It would be easy for them to get damaged in transit. If you are moving to the Bay Area with fragile items or other valuables and wondering how to move antiques, Dependable Movers is here to help with this handy guide. 

How to Move Antiques and Antique Furniture

Our San Francisco antique movers are heavily experienced with moving delicate furniture long distances throughout the Bay Area, so we know a few handy tricks for when it is time for you to move to your new home or neighborhood. The first thing to understand when you are learning how to move antiques is knowing which packing materials you need. Some of these include a microfiber cloth, packing peanuts, air-filled plastic wrap, glassine (an air, grease, and water-resistant glossy paper), furniture pads, and moving blankets.

Once you have these materials on hand, it is time for you to take an inventory of the valuable items so that you do not forget anything. After taking this inventory, you can start packing your items. 

How to Pack and Move Antique Furniture

The first thing that people who are moving antique furniture will need to do is to disassemble as much of the furniture as possible. Once disassembled, the furniture should be wrapped in blankets or bubble wrap to ensure its safety.

Antique furniture will require larger amounts of space and more padding because many of the pieces of chairs and sofas are more delicate than others. When packing furniture, you should try to leave as little space as possible between the item and the box so it does not move in transit. 

How to Pack and Move Smaller Antique Items 

Smaller antique items will need to be moved with much of the same attention that larger antique furniture requires. Like furniture, antique items like jewelry or works of art will need to be filled with padding and safely secured into boxes with as little space as possible – preferably with the bubble wrap that you recently bought.  

More About Our Bay Area Movers 

We understand that moving and transporting antiques could be difficult, which is why we offer white glove moving services. Dependable Movers is one of the few San Francisco moving companies that offer a moving service dedicated to relocating and transporting precious items and antiques. Aside from helping you in shipping antique furniture, we also assist people who are moving with our full suite of moving services. These include residential moving, local moving, commercial moving, and packing services, among many others. Contact our San Francisco movers, Sausalito movers, Danville Movers, or Berkeley movers today to learn more. 

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