Settling in With Fun Family Activities and New Traditions

A move is a good time to recharge the old batteries and get back in touch with the family you love. Starting new traditions is easier when you’re turning a fresh page in your family’s book. Now that you have just moved, you are finally able to settle in and get back into a routine. Maybe you’re still unpacking. But that’s OK. It’s important to start setting down roots as soon as possible, especially if any members of your family were reluctant to move in the first place.

The best way to get back into the swing of things is to gather the family together for interactive activities, such as family game night, movie night or craft night. Get creative. The type of activities you choose will depend, obviously, on your family’s interests and the ages of your children. Teens may be more interested in playing party games or watching a movie together while younger children may want to have an ice cream sundae night or board game night.

Yes, it can be a challenge to gather the whole family together, especially with school, sports, jobs and extracurriculars. But if you start now and institute these traditions right away, before everyone gets too busy with their new life, they have a better chance of sticking.

Here are some tips on how you can engage your family to gather together, at least once a week.

Craft Night

This is the perfect way to spark creativity and open up those doors of communication. It doesn’t have to be a holiday. You can hold a craft night any time. Gather input on what theme the family wants to go with and then head to the craft store. Bring the kids with you if they want to go. They may have fun picking out ceramic figurines to paint, or clay to sculpt, for example. Just make sure to focus on crafts that are within everyone’s ability levels, and those that appeal to everyone’s interests.

If an outside family member or friend is ill, use this time to create cards to cheer them up. Or make cards to send to area children’s hospitals. You don’t have to spend a lot of money for craft nights. Just go online to print templates, or pick up a cheap pack of ice pop sticks to make a diorama. The point is to be together, not spend money.

Also, try to be encouraging of all family members’ efforts. Little ones may not have the dexterity yet to complete every project perfectly. Have older teens help younger siblings.

Movie Night

As with choosing a theme for crafts, keep everyone’s tastes in mind when picking a movie. Of course, not everyone will be happy with every selection, but that’s a good way to branch out and learn to like new things. Perhaps each child can have their turn choosing a film for movie night. If you’re doing movie night on a weekend, you may want to schedule a double feature to give two kids a chance at a selection. Serve up popcorn, candy and a beverage of choice. Schedule snack and bathroom breaks as part of “intermission.” If the film offers teachable moments, discuss the morals of the story once finished to get your kids’ take on what they watched.

Board Game Night

Board games run the gamut from Candy Land type games for the little ones to Monopoly and party games for the older teens and adults. It can be tough selecting one that everyone wants to play, but since board games are fairly quick, there’s plenty of chance for a few people to make recommendations. You may want to start with the youngest person’s choice, then move up to the oldest. Challenge the younger kids to move up according to their ability level. Have prizes on hand for the winner, from candy and other favorite snacks to small toys and even dollar bills or change, depending on the age levels involved. Keep a score board of who is winning, but don’t focus all the attention on the winners. Focus more on how much fun it is to be together and laughing.

Sports Night

Getting physical activity outdoors in nice weather is always a great option. This healthy alternative to an indoor family night can be as simple as a walk around the block or a scavenger hunt throughout the neighborhood. You can split up into teams for some healthy competition and to reinforce the importance of working together to solve a problem.

Some other ideas include relay races or tag. If you have a basketball hoop in the driveway, grab a ball and organize a pickup game, or head to your local park if you don’t have enough family members to play a full game. Hit up an ice cream stand afterwards to reward everyone for a good job. Organize a game of volleyball, kickball, dodgeball, touch football or even bean bag toss. But really, anything you can do outside together as a family counts. You can always end the night with a firepit and hot cider or cocoa.

Family Ride

You don’t have to stay in to have a family night. If everyone is up for a little adventure, hop in the car for a quick road trip for the day or just the evening. Zip around town checking out the highlights. If you see an event going on, hop out and partake, such as a classic car show, farmer’s market, fair or parade. Venture out to neighboring towns and see if you can find any good ideas for future family night activities.

In the end, family nights are a great way to get adjusted to the move and come together as a unit.

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