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What Are the Best Neighborhoods in San Francisco for Families? 

If you are moving to Golden City with your family, you may be wondering how you could find the best neighborhood in San Francisco for your family. Fortunately for you, Dependable Movers has a handy guide for people who are interested in moving to San Francisco and are looking to find their new neighborhood. People that are new to the city may be pleasantly surprised to discover that San Francisco has a diverse array of neighborhoods to choose from – especially when it comes to the neighborhoods where you would want to raise your family. 

What Are the Best Places to Live in San Francisco for Your Family? 

The best San Francisco neighborhoods where you can begin to raise a family are typically those that are more subdued and lowkey. Below you can find a more detailed list compiled by our Dependable Movers: 

Bernal Heights 

Bernal Heights is an ideal neighborhood for families that want to live in a quiet and walkable neighborhood. What makes this neighborhood especially attractive to people is the collection of different architectural styles seen around the neighborhood. There are many things to do in Bernal, like hiking and visiting St. Mary’s rec center. Bernal Heights is also renowned for being one of the best residential neighborhoods in the area, and our San Francisco residential movers are ready to help you move here. 

Inner Sunset 

Inner Sunset is located just south of Golden Gate Park, making it one of the best neighborhoods in San Francisco for families. Inner Sunset is located very close to the San Francisco Zoo, which is an extremely popular attraction for children. Also, Inner Sunset is a great place to go hiking because of its proximity to Strawberry Hill. Sunset Hill is located close to many other restaurants and attractions that make it a popular neighborhood. 

North Beach

North Beach is known for being the Little Italy of the Bay Area. This area of San Francisco boasts unique architecture and proximity to many great schools and restaurants. What attracts families to this area of San Francisco is its great schools, which include Garfield Elementary School, Francisco Middle School, and John Yehall Chin Elementary School.

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