The Best Time of Year to Move to a New Home

Local and long-distance moves present distinct challenges, but there are optimal seasons, months, and even weeks to make the switch. If you’re looking for movers or doing it yourself, now is a great time to move because you can get better prices and more options from moving companies and truck rental agencies. 

Choosing the Best Months to Move

If you can, try to schedule your move for the months of November or December. When school is in session and people are reluctant to relocate prior to the busy winter holidays, business for moving companies is slow. Summer is peak moving season, so try to avoid making the move then.

You can save the most money by scheduling your move for the middle of the month. Since many leases expire on the first of the month, that is also when most people choose to move. Moreover, rental prices tend to fall during this time of year, so you may be able to get a great deal compared to what you would find in late spring/early summer.

Ideal Times to Relocate

Monday through Thursday are the best days of the week to move. As most people save their relocations for the weekend, weekdays are typically slow for moving companies. If you can, try not to move on the weekend if you want to save money.

These are just some general guidelines to follow when moving; other factors, such as the needs of young children, inclement weather, and major holidays, should be considered as well.

Best Times to Move Based on Weather

Weather may be a large deciding factor in determining the best time to relocate, particularly if you live in a place with varied weather conditions. Weather can be unpredictable, but certain seasons in various regions are better suited to moving than others. If you live in a part of the nation where summer is harsh, it might be wise to move in the fall, whereas if you live in a region where winter is harsh, you may want to move in the spring. Although winter is a more economical season to move, it can be harsh in many areas.

Moving around Holidays & Local Festivities

When planning your move, consider how much more traffic there will be. Major holidays and local celebrations may draw a larger crowd than usual. This could lead to serious issues. Also, if you’re relocating to a new city where you don’t know anyone, avoid moving during the holiday season. Moving on other days will allow you to meet new people and cultivate a sense of community in preparation for the holiday.

While moving during these times is preferable, it is not always possible. If you have a flexible moving date, keep these tips in mind as you plan your move.



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