Moving With Dogs: Tips to Help Your Pup Adjust to Your New Home

Moving with dogs can be extremely stressful on your canine companion, but if you follow the right steps, it doesn’t have to be. You don’t want to neglect your pet just because you don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving with dogs; they deserve their own room, just like you do. Here are some tips that will help your pup adjust to life in your new home without too much stress on either of you.


Moving with dogs: Calm Their Nerves Before Arrival

Dogs are normal to be nervous when they first come to a new home. After all, they’re leaving everything they know behind. Make sure they get plenty of exercise in the days leading up to the move. The days and weeks before moving, make sure to keep your dog’s routine as normal as possible. As much as possible, keep the same feeding times, walks, and playtimes.

Before moving day, bring them over for a visit so they can get used to the new sights and smells.


Introduce them as often as possible

First and foremost, give your dog time to adjust. Just like humans, they need time to explore and get comfortable in their new surroundings. You can help your dog become familiar with its new home by taking it on long walks and having friends and family members stop by often. Of course, you don’t want them spending too much time wandering off unattended, but taking it out of its cage will help it acclimate quicker. This also gives you a chance to start building relationships with local pet stores, groomers and veterinarians.


Let Them Roam

The first time you move into a new home, you should let your dog roam around and explore. This will help them become comfortable with their new surroundings. To help make your pup’s transition easier, bring their favorite toys and blankets from home. It is also imperative to make sure they have a designated eating and sleeping area, so they feel secure.



Make Their Transition as Seamless as Possible

The hardest part of moving is leaving your dog behind. If you’re used to returning home to wagging tails and kisses, it can be difficult to adjust to a new living situation where your pet is alone all day. To keep your dog occupied, make sure they have plenty of toys and chews. A Kong toy filled with peanut butter works great for keeping dogs entertained. You can also use rawhide or jerky as a treat. Just be careful not to leave anything dangerous in the treat, like chicken or ham bones that could splinter off and choke your pet. The TV is also a good comfort tool for pets. Believe it or not, this gets rid of the feeling of loneliness and abandonment in them when they’re left alone. Please ensure the volume is not too loud so as not to disturb others in the house!

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