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What to Eat in San Francisco When You First Move

If you are interested in moving to San Francisco, you are probably interested in learning the best things to eat or where you could spend a good evening in the City by the Bay. As long-time citizens of San Francisco, our San Francisco local movers could give you the rundown on what to eat in San Francisco and what you could do in your free time.  Whether it be Chinatown or the Fisherman’s Wharf, there is certainly no shortage of places to eat. Continue reading below to learn more. 

What to Eat In Chinatown, San Francisco 

There are few neighborhoods as iconic as San Francisco’s Chinatown. The best places to eat in this neighborhood consist of Chinese and other Asian restaurants.  Our San Francisco local movers detail some of the highlights of Chinatown’s restaurants. 

China Live

This Chinese restaurant offers a multi-venue experience. Whether this is downstairs with a full menu of Chinese specialties or the cocktail bar, there is something for everyone at this restaurant. Upstairs, you could find a more upscale dining experience that serves a $250 tasting menu. 

My Canh 

Just because the neighborhood is called Chinatown does not mean that there are only Chinese restaurants. In fact, our San Francisco long-distance movers would like to point out that this restaurant is a Vietnamese specialty restaurant. This restaurant is most popular during the later hours of the night, but you could also visit it during more normal hours of the day. 

What to Eat In Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco 

The Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, which means that there are plenty of restaurants that you could check out during your stay. If you are wondering what to eat in San Francisco if you like seafood, the Fisherman’s Wharf is the place for you. This area of San Francisco boasts many restaurants that are popular restaurants frequented by tourists. 

Boudin Bistro

Boudin Bistro is a popular restaurant thanks to the original sour bread dough restaurants that make San Francisco a gastronomical capital of the United States. One of the selling points of this restaurant is the fact that it has great views of Alcatraz, Angel Island, and Marin County.


This is one of the top selections you could make for seafood in the Bay Area. The dish the restaurant is named after is one of the most famous soups in Italian cuisine. Our SF Bay Area movers recommend that you check out the Cioppino and Dungeness Crab Cakes.

More About Our Bay Area Movers 

Our Bay Area movers are ready to help you and your family settle into their homes. As a full-service San Francisco moving company, we understand what it takes to make a family happy in their new home. We offer residential moving, commercial moving, local moving, and packing services for our customers. Our wide service area means that we could help you with the help of our Berkeley movers, Oakland movers, and Walnut Creek movers. Contact us today to learn more about what makes us one of the best San Francisco moving companies. 

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