How to Pack Jewelry for a Move

Best Way to Pack Jewelry for Moving 

Many people who choose to move in or around the San Francisco area will sometimes have to move with expensive pieces of jewelry. Since these items are so valuable, it is generally recommended to take as much care as possible, so these items do not get damaged during transit. As one of the most experienced San Francisco moving companies, Dependable Movers could help you in all aspects of moving, even the best way to pack jewelry for moving. Continue reading below to learn more about making your upcoming move as smooth and easy as possible by learning all about packing jewelry for moving. 

How to Pack Jewelry for Moving 

The best way to pack jewelry for moving depends on the kind of jewelry you are going to be moving. Our Bay Area movers are ready to recommend that the first step you take is to separate your jewelry by the importance that they hold to you and their value. The most important/expensive items should be hand-carried in a travel jewelry roll. If you do not have a jewelry travel roll, you can purchase one, or we recommend that you hire the services of San Francisco white glove moving services. 

As for necklaces and bracelets, Sausalito movers recommend that you do your best to prevent tangling. Anyone that owns jewelry will know how annoying it is to untangle jewelry when it does get tangled. For someone that has a lot of necklaces as bracelets, we recommend that you separate each piece using drinking straws (these can be cut to fit) and then placE them into small Ziploc bags. After placing each piece into small bags, you should then place these into larger ones, making them easy to locate once you settle into your new place. 

How to Pack Earrings for Moving 

Earrings are especially difficult to move because you need to be mindful of keeping them paired up and untangled. If you have lost the original case that they came with, our Berkeley movers recommend that you pierce each earring through a sheet of foam and secure the back with a piece of tape. When it comes to moving earrings, the best way to pack jewelry for moving includes doing this and wrapping the sheet of foam with packing tape or some other kind of padding. 

More About Our San Francisco Movers 

We are an experienced moving company that is ready to assist you and your family in many more ways than detailing the best way to pack jewelry for moving. One of the factors that make us the most trusted SF Bay Area movers is our large service area. In San Francisco alone, we could assist you thanks to the help of our San Francisco local movers, San Francisco long-distance movers, San Francisco apartment movers, and other kinds of movers in SF. The areas surrounding San Francisco can also be serviced thanks to our Oakland movers, Walnut Creek movers, and San Mateo movers. Contact us today to learn more.



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