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How to Pack Dishes for Moving 

If you are preparing for a move, chances are that you will need to move the things that are in your kitchen. Whether these items are small appliances or dishware, they will require a special technique for packing and moving so that you do not damage or lose them during transit. No matter how long your move will be, Dependable Movers is here to teach you how to pack dishes for moving so that you are more likely to make it to their final destination securely. Continue reading below to learn more from our Bay Area movers. 

The Best Way to Pack Dishes 

If you are curious what the best way to pack dishes is, you will need the right equipment. The right packing equipment could be either boxes or packing paper that is specially designed for fragile items. After getting the right packing paper and the right boxes for the size of the plate that you will be packing, you should begin by putting the plate in the middle of the paper. After doing this, you should begin to wrap the corners of the paper around the plate, to secure it by wrapping it as tight as possible. Our Berkeley movers recommend that you stack plates of the same size on top of each other so that they create a stack and repeat the same process with a larger piece of packing paper. This way, you could more efficiently manage the space inside of your box. 

How to Pack Bowls for Moving 

If you are looking into learning how to pack dishware for moving, you may also need to pack bowls that are in your kitchen as well. Packing bowls for moving is very similar to packing plates for moving. For one, you will need to find a perfectly sized box. That means one that covers the bowl without leaving too much space for it to move around the truck. For more delicate bowls, our San Francisco local movers recommend that you wrap them with bubble wrap under the wrapping paper so that they have a higher chance of surviving the journey to their new destination. 

More About Our San Francisco Movers 

We are one of the few San Francisco moving companies that offer its clients a full suite of moving services across a wide service area along with valuable resources like this one that details how to pack dishes for moving or packing plates in general. Our service area is designed to help you thanks to the assistance from our Oakland movers, Walnut Creek movers, Sausalito movers, San Mateo movers, and Mill Valley movers, among many others. Further, if you are located in San Francisco, our San Francisco long-distance movers and San Francisco apartment movers are here to help. Contact our SF Bay Area movers today to learn more. 

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