How to Move Framed Art

How to Pack Artwork for Moving

One of the most delicate items that someone will be moving includes artwork. Artwork is extremely fragile, which may either require the assistance of white-glove moving services like the ones that our San Francisco movers offer. This is especially true for people that have framed pictures of family, as these also hold significant sentimental value. But, if you decide to move these items yourself, Dependable Movers has the answers for you. We are some of the most experienced Bay Area movers, and we have seen it all when it comes to packing and moving. Continue reading below to learn how to pack artwork for moving. 

How to Pack a Painting for Moving 

Paintings are an interesting case because they are usually framed and delicate. The first step that our Sausalito movers recommend is to match your artwork with an appropriately sized box and frame. Moving larger pieces of artwork with multiple pieces will require that you find the box that appropriately matches their size. Many art stores will offer specialty boxes for artwork that will fit seamlessly with your artwork. Our Berkeley movers recommend there is enough room in your artwork box for padding and bubble wrap to fit into. 

After getting the right box, you should be mindful of putting Xs over the glass portion of the frame so that it is better protected from shattering in transit. After making these Xs with tape, it is important to wrap them in bubble wrap so that your artwork is completely protected from damage. After completely wrapping your artwork, you should test the piece by closing the box and gently shaking it to see how it will be affected by movement. If you see that it is moving too much, our San Mateo movers recommend adding newspapers to the empty spaces. 

Best Way to Pack Artwork for Moving 

If you are wondering how to pack artwork for moving, you will want to learn what the best way to pack the piece is. The short answer is that there is no “best” way to pack artwork because it will depend on the kind of piece that you are moving. For example, the way to move a framed picture is the method detailed above. However, a sculpture will entail a much more complex process. For more complicated works like these, it is best to entrust the services of San Francisco long-distance movers like Dependable Movers. 

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