Checklist for Moving to Mill Valley

Is a move to Mill Valley on your radar? You’re in luck. Here at Dependable Movers, we specialize in moves to and from this small Marin County city, home to 14,000. It’s just 14 miles from San Francisco and 52 miles from Napa Valley, situated on the shores of scenic Richardson Bay. No wonder so many people choose to live here!

Preparation is key with any move of any size, so here’s a helpful checklist to follow for your upcoming Mill Valley move. We’ll break it down by timeline, too, so you can always stay one step ahead of the game.

8 Weeks Beforehand

  • Sort your belongings into four main categories: Keep, Sell, Discard and Donate. This is a great time to get organized. Start with the rooms you don’t use as much, such as the basement, basement, attic, storage areas and guest room.
  • Get rid of perishables by consuming what you can now. You can’t bring perishables such as frozen foods with you, and the movers won’t take them either.
  • Come up with a list of questions for the movers. Not all companies do things the same way. It’s best if you know everything beforehand to avoid surprises down the road. Ask about cancellation policies and liability coverage, as well.
  • Start search for a moving company in Mill Valley, getting quotes from at least three companies. Ask for referrals and check online for reviews.

6 Weeks Beforehand

  • If you are facing a corporate relocation, check in with your employer to see which expenses and responsibilities they’ll cover, from the move itself to hotel stays and meals in between.
  • Find out which moving expenses you can deduct on your taxes. Save those receipts.
  • Get all pertinent records at this time so you don’t have to scramble at the last minute. Those records include school, medical, and dental records.
  • Tell your children’s schools about your pending move. Reach out to the new school district to ask about what you need to do for enrollment.
  • Gather all moving supplies such as markers, labels, boxes, tape, and bubble wrap.
  • Check with your auto and home/renter’s insurance agents to see if your existing policy will transfer to your new city. If not, you will have to look for another provider.

4 Weeks Beforehand

  • Fill out a Change of Address form with your Post Office.
  • Get rid of hazardous Items in the proper way, as movers can’t take hazardous or flammable items. It’s also illegal to dispose of them in the trash. You’ll have to drop off any unused paint, propane, aerosols, guns, and chemicals at the town’s designated area.
  • Inform utility companies (gas, electric, water, oil, phone, cable, trash, etc.) of your upcoming move and schedule service disconnection and reconnection.
  • Box up all items and start to pack the things you won’t need for about a month. Label those boxes so you don’t have to rifle through them later.
  • Call the moving company of your choice and confirm the moving date and time.

3 Weeks Beforehand

  • Tell your maid service, landscaper or maintenance provider that you’ll be moving.
  • Make travel plans by setting up arrangements and reservations for the trip, such as plane tickets and hotels. Try not to fly out on the actual moving day, which will make everything that much more stressful. Book a hotel that night and fly out first thing in the morning.

2 Weeks Beforehand

  • Reserve elevators, parking spots and loading docks at the new destination, and inform your movers.
  • Get your car serviced and checked prior to the move. Top off all fluids. Start looking at the local weather conditions now.
  • Update your billing address for bank records and accounts online or in person.
  • Request time off from your employer so you can handle the move. Book child or pet care too.
  • Figure out what kind of coverage you want for your move. You can get coverage through your homeowners or renters insurance, or through your mover. Either way, get quotes and book insurance once you have made a decision.

1 Week Beforehand

  • Begin the cleaning process for your current residence. Be sure to keep some basic cleaning supplies on hand for post-move cleaning or to do a cursory cleaning at the new place once you move in. You could also book move-out cleaners if you don’t have the time.
  • Drain lawn equipment like lawn mowers and snow blowers of oil and gas to prep for safe transport.
  • Defrost your refrigerator and freezer, propping the doors open so they cannot close on children or pets.
  • Do all your last-minute loads of laundry, then disconnect and prep major appliances for the move.
  • Pack all items you will need in the first few days following the move. Put clothing into a suitcase, container or bag that you can easily and quickly access that first night.
  • You may need cash for paying the movers and for tips, as well as for any cab rides to the new place. Note: tipping your movers isn’t a requirement but is appreciated. Cash is the preferred method, as it is in the rest of the service industry. A good rule of thumb is to tip $5 to $10 per mover/hour.

Moving Day is Here!

  • Determine who your point of contact will be from the moving company. Make sure they have your contact info as well so you can communicate back and forth as needed.
  • Read over your Moving Bill of Lading/Contract very carefully before signing on the dotted line. Dependable Movers will provide all of this for you so you can peruse it before you schedule service.
  • Do a final walkthrough at each location.

Contact Dependable Movers

Choosing the residential and commercial movers here at Dependable Movers is a smart choice. We have been handling relocations to and from Mill Valley for years, so we have the know-how and the skill to get the job done efficiently. Get your free quote when you contact us at 415-619-5997.





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