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5 star rating25 Stars!  These guys were truly AWESOME!  They came through for me in a pinch and arrived ready, willing and even happy to do their work.  They were nice, healthy young men, clean cut. No druggies or strange people in my home making me uncomfortable with them around my teenage daughter, like the previous movers I hired who turned out to be scam artists I barely escaped with the help of these guys taking my move on last minute and getting it all done wonderfully!

If you want your move to be peaceful and safe, everything to go well and get done right for a fair price . . . work with an awesome team - hire Dependable Movers!

Karin B. Avatar
Karin B.

5 star ratingI needed to move a mattress, box spring, TV, and large sectional from SF to SJ, and it couldn't have been easier. Everything was wrapped carefully to protect my stuff and the guys organized everything perfectly in my storage unit. It only took them 3 hours to complete all of this and there wasn't a single issue. I would definitely use their services again!

Dallas J. Avatar
Dallas J.

5 star ratingJustin and his team were absolutely AWESOME!!!  They are like a team from Cirque du Soleil, able to navigate heavy furniture like acrobats.  They maneuvered a couch from the ground floor through a second floor window like it was no big deal.  Just amazing!  These guys truly know what they're doing.  Leave it to the professionals like these guys!
I highly recommend Dependable Movers as they are reliable, courteous and highly professional. A+++

Lars B. Avatar
Lars B.