two people with boxes on the head are packing to move

Q: What is included in your rate?

A: Our rate is all inclusive. There are no extra charges or hidden fees. All the packing materials are provided at the day of the move.

Q: What packing materials do you provide?

A: shrink wrap, blankets, tape, wardrobe boxes, dollies, boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper.

Q: Are you licensed

A: We are fully licensed with California under The Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair Home Furnishings and Thermal Insulation. MTR # 0191786

Q: Do you have insurance in case something happens?

A: We take the issue of insurance very seriously as we often move fragile and expensive items. We have the following insurance:

Cargo Policy

Public Liability and Property Damage Policy

Q: How can I better prepare for the move?

A: You can do the following to better prepare for the move:

– Reserve parking (if possible or necessary)

– Pack as many loose items as you can beforehand. We do offer full packing service but if you would like to save some money, you can pack the small items yourself.

-Consolidate boxes in one room.

-Reserve the elevator (if possible)

-Get rid of junk and unnecessary items. We however can dispose of your unwanted furniture and other items for a separate fee. We partner with local recycling and disposal facilities.

-Make child-care arrangements. Our movers are fast and efficient and having little children around may prevent them from working at their normal pace. We want to make sure the move is efficient and most importantly SAFE for everyone.

Q: Do I have to tip the movers?

A: Tips are not expected but greatly appreciated.

Q: When is the payments due?

A: The payment is due upon the completion of the move in most cases. If the move takes more than one day or if it is a long distant move, we may require a deposit.

Q: How can I pay?

A: We accept debit and credit card payments, cash and checks.

There is a $10 per hour discount with cash payment.